Query Drill Agent Event

Query Drill is proud to announce that our first special event will give our writers the chance to get feedback from a real agent! (Instead of yours truly and our ragtag band of misfit interns.)

Here’s how it will work: for a limited time, a stealth agent will roam the QD inbox, giving feedback and making real requests for author materials. Writers will have to opt-in to take part in the event: queries not marked for the event will be handled by QD as normal.

Don’t panic! You have plenty of time to get your query ready. We’ve posted this announcement way in advance, because we need everyone’s help to get this off the ground.

If you:

– have an agent already: Ask them whether they would like to participate. We’d love to take on more stealth agents!

– are an agency intern or have experience sorting slush at either a literary agency or a publishing house: Consider volunteering!

– are a querying writer: Polish, polish, polish! QD can help you no matter where you are in query hell, but our stealth agent is only looking for the best.

Stay tuned for more info, including contest dates!


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