Query Drill Agent Event – Part II

The QD Agent Event is around the corner, folks! Polish up your queries. This time around, we only have one agent participating in the event: mine.


She loved my idea for QD and asked if she could sneakily peruse the inbox. I said no, of course. You guys trust me to give you honest query advice; I’m not going to start sending your practice queries to her behind your backs!

…no, no, wait, don’t kill me! I haven’t ruined everything, I promise.

All you have to do to get your query considered by my agent is to add “Agent Event” to your query subject line, like this: “Query, My Awesome Genre, My Awesome Title, Agent Event”. Please include your novel’s first chapter, pasted into the email after your query. No attachments, please. Please address queries to my agent, rather than Ms. Nobody.

My agent is looking for YA and MG fiction in all genres (though she has a soft spot for fantasy and sci-fi).

She will also consider fiction intended for the adult market.

The event will start on July 10th and end July 17th. You can send your queries for the event beginning today, but my agent won’t see them until the event starts.

You can send any query you like, including ones we’ve already considered and responded to (no matter what our response). One query per person, please.

Melissa Nasson is an associate agent with Rubin Pfeffer Content. She is also an attorney and contracts director at Beacon Press, an independent publisher of non-fiction.


9 thoughts on “Query Drill Agent Event – Part II

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for such an incredibly generous and awesome project in general, with a bonus thank you to you and your agent for arranging this event. Feedback is pure gold to querying authors, and giving it away freely is a fantastic gift. Thanks!!!

  2. This is such a great thing your doing both with Query Drill and the agent event. So THANK YOU! Will we receive any type of confirmation that the query was received? Will Ms. Nasson reply to only those queries she’s interested in or to all? Is the submission window (July 10th-July 17) when we should expect to hear something or is it only when submission will be received and we could hear back much later (we all know how busy agents are 😉 sorry for all the questions but thanks again for doing this!!

    1. No, these are all great questions!

      Every query sent before midnight, July 17th, will be eligible. Melissa will see every query sent before then.

      Every query you send to us, Agent Event or otherwise, will get a response. We’re not no-response-means-no kind of people! (It would defeat the entire point of QD!)

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