Changes to QD

Hey, queriers!

After investigating our first month’s numbers a little more closely, I realised that the system at QD is going to have to change.

From an email I wrote to a recent querier:

QD’s numbers are not reflective of a real agency because I tend to request very widely. Unfortunately, a big part of querying has to do with an agent’s personal taste. To make our numbers and the experience more closely mirror real querying, I’ve decided to process queries a little differently. If I feel like my personal taste is going to get in the way of a fair evaluation of the query, I now answer the query as I did yours: here’s what I spotted, but mostly it’s just not for me, so let me pass it along to another volunteer who can judge it more fairly.

Ideally, you would query specific volunteers at QD so you’re sure to get someone who specialises in your genre/market, but we simply don’t have the volunteer hours to set things up that way, and it would mean that certain queries would wait much longer than others to be answered.



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