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2 thoughts on “Give Us Feedback

  1. I’m having difficulty receiving a response and knowing when to expect one. I queried twice and got responses quickly, but then had to wait quite a while to be told “keep waiting!” on my third. 19 days later, still no response.

    I’d also like more details for this agent event: when are we to expect responses by? If it was during the event, then what does a nonresponse mean?

    1. Response times have been much, much longer than usual, and that’s my fault. Normally you should expect to wait no longer than two weeks.

      I was away from home from the end of July until September 2nd. (I’m moving from the US back to the UK. I also went on a writing retreat with my CP group and attended a book convention.)

      I hoped to keep up with replies while travelling, but this hasn’t been the case.

      Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for waiting. I’m sorry I’ve let things go!


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