Monthly Reports


Queries received: 7

Form rejections:
Partial requests:
Full requests:
Other (reply undeliverable):


JUNE 29 – JULY 30

Queries received: 50

Form rejections: 28
Partial requests: 10
Full requests: 12
Other (reply undeliverable): 0

Please note that one partial request was revised into a full request during this month.


MAY 29 – JUNE 29

Queries received: 64

Form rejections: 31
Partial requests: 22
Full requests: 10
Other (reply undeliverable): 1


2 thoughts on “Monthly Reports

    1. Oh my god, I cannot believe I didn’t see this notification until now!

      I do have the information, but the reports won’t be incredibly useful, as QD doesn’t see the kind of submission numbers we used to. This is entirely my fault: I’m moving overseas and QD has been left by the wayside.

      I hope to resolve this soon! The best place to keep track of how active we are is the QD twitter feed.

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