Submission Guidelines

  • Send queries to
  • All material must be pasted in the email.
  • Format your subject line like this: the word “query”, then genre, then title.
  • Address general queries to Mrs. Nobody, of the Unreal Agency. If you wish to query a particular volunteer, please address your query to them.
  • If you choose to send sample pages, please limit yourself to the first chapter of your manuscript, or 5,000 words.
  • If you have a question for us, please ask via email or Twitter instead of commenting here: we don’t update this site unless there’s a new event, we publish a new report, or our submission rules have changed.

How to make us love you even more:

  • Please be kind to other writers. Although we respond to every query, we appreciate you limiting yourself to one submission at a time. Feel free to switch back and forth between projects, but please wait for a reply before sending a new query.
  • We’d like to track your progress! It will help us give you better feedback. If possible, please help us group emails by clicking “reply” to requery a project, and by clicking “compose” or “new” to query us with a new project.

Accepted genres/markets may change, as with any real agency. In our case, it’s because Query Drill is entirely run by volunteers, who have varying expertise.

We are currently open to book-length works in the following categories:

  • All adult fiction, except for the Christian market
  • Memoir

4 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines

  1. all sample chapters are to be pasted into the email. I have not been able to find a way to format my work to do this, How is it done.

    1. USUALLY our response times are between one and two weeks. I’ve been travelling for about three months solid, and in the meantime things have, well, lapsed.

      I’m sorry! Thanks for waiting on me.


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